Why Attend the SACME Annual Meeting, February 24-26?

Here are 12 compelling reasons…

  1. Network with your colleagues
  2. Receive updates on current scholarship and research in CME/CPD
  3. Learn how to create more scholarly programming
  4. Learn how to design an outcomes-based program evaluation
  5. Advance your leadership abilities
  6. Join an “incubator” group to discuss advancements in CME/CPD
  7. Pandemic-proof your program
  8. Help to build a culture of inclusivity and belonging
  9. Access global ideas to solve local problems
  10. Become a visionary—be inspired, renew your imagination, and get creative
  11. Engage in outreach—link your program to local community public health initiatives
  12. Get support and give support (achieve personal well-being and resiliency)

Register TODAY for the SACME Annual Meeting! Go to sacme.org/Annual-Meeting.

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2023-Summer Special Report

Communicating the Value of CME/CPD Effectively Within Your Institution

CME/CPD professionals continually face the challenge of effectively communicating our value within our institutions. Despite the critical role of continuing medical education/continuing professional development in improving patient care and population health, many leaders and clinicians still view it primarily as a mandatory credit requirement. Consequently, it is crucial for us to collectively explore strategies to convey our story, dispel misconceptions, advocate for our significance, and strive for representation in decision-making processes so that we are driving the mission of our respective organizations.

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2022-Summer Special Report Updates

AAMC Virtual Program on Teaching Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (QIPS) Competencies to Faculty

The Association for American Medical Colleges (AAMC) hosted a seven week longitudinal and virtual curriculum to train clinical faculty and other medical educators on the QIPS competencies so that they may teach quality improvement and patient safety skills to their learners (ie other faculty, residents and students). The curriculum for this program was designed by a national panel of expert medical educators convened by the AAMC over a two year period. Entitled Teaching Education for Quality (Te4Q)

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2022-Summer Special Report

SACME Research Team Completes CE Educator’s Toolkit

The CE Educator’s Toolkit, a unique educational resource, was developed by the Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education (SACME) through an Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) research grant in fulfillment of ACCME’s strategic goal to advocate for research and scholarship in continuing education. The toolkit is a unique and comprehensive resource designed to equip educators with best practices and guidelines to deliver effective continuing education (CE). The toolkit is now available and may be downloaded from

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