Technology-Enhanced CPD: Sailing Safely Through the COVID-19 Storm and Building a Better New Normal

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By Vjekoslav Hlede, PhD, DVM, CHCP

This is a story of growth. CE News E-learning & Technology column posts are usually written as a delicate balance between the need to tackle complex socio-technical aspects of technology-enhanced CPD (TECPD) and the need to deliver a short, easy-to-read article that CE news readers expect. Therefore, one of the first posts I created for CE News got editors’ feedback “this is a good article, but it looks like something that may work better in a journal such as JCEHP, rather than for CE news.” I’m pleased to say that that article has been published in the latest JCEHP edition (May 2021).

It is published at the perfect time – just as SACME formed the Technology-enhanced CPD Committee.

Therefore, I invite you to:

  1. Check the article – it describes the context that shapes technology-enhanced CPD, and
  2. Review the SACME Technology-enhanced CPD Committee Charter and the Capacity building strategy. They present a set of structures and strategies we can use to deliver better TECPD.
  3. Provide feedback or apply to join our Committee here:

Abstract: COVID-19 has shocked our CME/CPD world and the broader educational system. It has activated existing semi- dormant forces, creating a perfect storm of changes. While the crisis will hopefully be over soon, other forces are here to stay. This paper discusses (1) the interaction between the newly emboldened forces, (2) strategies we can use to navigate through the COVID storm safely, and (3) how we can utilize all available forces to create long-lasting positive change in CME/CPD.


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2022-Fall E-Learning & Technology

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Technology helps us improve our lives. It allows us to do things we have already been doing – but better, faster, and differently. The number of tools we can use to enhance CME/CPD activities is growing. They come in various shapes and formats. They are usually grouped in packages that allow comprehensive learning delivery.

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2022-Summer Funding, Awards, and Events


The Scholarship Committee of the Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education (SACME) is pleased to announce a new grant opportunity in memory of Paul Mazmanian. The SACME Board of Directors is finalizing the criteria for the grant but expects to make the announcement in 2022.

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Author: Mike Blyth,
2022-Summer International CME/CPD

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for Ophthalmologists and Other Specialty Physicians in Africa

In the article, I described my own journey in trying to keep my knowledge and skills current having realized that many of my patients knew a whole lot more about their conditions than I, a fresh graduate from residency thought they did.

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