Tips & Innovations for Practice

The column editor is Eleftherios Soleas, PhD.
This column speaks to practice innovations, emerging trends, and practical high-impact tools as well as what these mean for CME/CPD.

2023-Summer CE News Tips & Innovations for Practice

Tips and Tricks for High-Quality Module Development

The shift in interest to online learning was catalyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic as educational and professional development programs were forced to explore online learning strategies and creatively…

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2023-Winter Tips & Innovations for Practice

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: First Steps for CPD Providers

Diversity, equity, and inclusion in medical education refer to the breaking down of systemic barriers that prevent the full participation of educators and learners from underrepresented groups. During the pandemic, we have seen increasing calls to address disparities due to racism, colonialism, gender bias, heteronormativity, and other forms of oppression.  Educators have a range of experience in this area. In this piece, we would like to give you some tips as to how you might be able to incorporate equity into your work as a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) provider.

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2022-Fall Tips & Innovations for Practice

Creating Worthy Learning Objectives

In CPD, learning objectives are provided to participants so that they know what they will learn in an educational activity. While it is tempting to list a series of topics that a speaker should cover, worthy learning objectives must be learner-focused, and not speaker-focused. With this focus in mind, learning objectives also need several elements to make a strong and worthy learning objective

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2022-Summer Tips & Innovations for Practice

Whose Needs are you Assessing Anyway: Why the Unit of Analysis Matters for CPD Needs Assessments?

In needs assessments, who you ask very much determines what you will find. Out of respect for the time of readers, we’ll put this question frankly: if the goal of healthcare is better community health, shouldn’t the most …

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2022-Summer Tips & Innovations for Practice

Commentary: An Open Letter about Audacious Kindness for the CPD Profession

As the editors of this column, we feel compelled to discuss an issue important to us: the wellbeing of the professionals who make CPD happen. Our desks…

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2022-Winter Tips & Innovations for Practice

Tips & Innovations for Practice – Winter 2022

This year the theme of our 2022 SACME Annual Meeting is ‘Navigating Through Uncertain Times’. Let’s set the stage here by discussing change and how we organize for change. As motivation researcher, I can tell you that change is to one extent or another scary. If you are nervous about the change afoot…

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2021-Summer Tips & Innovations for Practice

Using a Common QI Method in a Health Professions Education Context

By Helen Mawdsley, EdD and Eleftherios K. Soleas, PhD Quality improvement and patient safety (QIPS) projects in healthcare often use a Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) or Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycle, such as taught by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School virtual QI curriculum and described in the AMA PI-CME accredited activity process. While many clinicians and faculty […]

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