From the Editor – Summer 2022

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Dear Readers,

Spring has faded and most of us are living in the dead heat of summer.  It’s hovering near triple digits here in Texas where I continue to cobble together another issue of CE News.  I’m certain we would all prefer to be swimming on the Amalfi Coast or lunching at a small village restaurant in the Burgundy region of France. Whatever your dream may be, our editorial team has assembled a good variety of practical articles that might help you relax and pass the time on your next flight out of town. 

I am delighted with our two feature articles. The article on expanding MOC provides CME/CPD directors and assistant deans with insights into how to expand MOC participation and compliance at RSS’s using creative approaches.  The second feature article offers 3 robust institutional case studies focused on how the AAMC’s “QIPS” competencies’ training has been successfully introduced to the clinical faculty and residents. 

Column articles in the Summer issue have addressed some controversial issues.  Our Tips and Innovations column offers an insightful commentary on the need to include patients and community health data as part of a routine CME needs assessment process, while the Technology & E-Learning column speaks to the future integration of technology and CME whereby technology improves CME innovation and outcomes. Finally, please review the Publications & Scholarship article listings.

In this issue, the column focuses on faculty development opportunities in areas that all providers are challenged to address with accredited CME activities. 

Enjoy the issue and happy summer! 

Warm regards,

G. Robert D’Antuono, MHA
Chief Editor
CE News


The Englishman at the Moulin Rouge is a late-19th-century painting by French artist Henri de Toulouse-LautrecThe Englishman at the Moulin Rouge is a late-19th-century painting by French artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
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2023-Fall CE News Publications & Scholarship

Publications and Scholarships

Column Editors: Craig Campbell, MD and Joseph Szot, MD

Truth and Reconciliation in Medical Schools: Forging a Critical Reflective Framework to Advance Indigenous Health Equity.

In 2015, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of Canada outlined 94 Calls to Action, which formalized a responsibility for all people and institutions in Canada to confront and craft paths to remedy the legacy of the country’s colonial past. This article outlines efforts by stakeholders at one medical school to mobilize their institution to address the TRC’s Calls to Action via the Indigenous Health

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